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Where Do We Start?

We begin with an initial consultation.  You will be provided with an information package  that includes the mediation and fee agreement, blank financial disclosure documents, parenting plan and other materials.  If you and your spouse decide mediation is the right option for you, contact our firm to schedule a two-hour mediation session.

Mediation Sessions and Homework


After the parties decide to mediate their divorce, they meet with the mediator, usually for two hour sessions.  During these meetings, they work to determine a fair resolution of the financial issues, custody obligations, and all other matters necessary to complete the dissolution of the marriage.  Between mediation sessions, the parties may engage in "homework" such as gathering documents, determining the value of assets or working out proposed visitation schedules.  To the extent work is done individually outside the mediation, the overall time and expense of the mediation may be reduced.

Final Agreements and Judgment

When, with the assistance of the mediator, the parties work out all issues relating to the dissolution of the marriage, the mediator will prepare a written agreement setting forth all of the terms of the agreement.  This agreement will then form the basis for a judgment of dissolution which can then be entered in Court.  The Law Offices of Alicia D. Taylor can also assist with the filing of the necessary documents to have the dissolution agreement entered as a judgment of dissolution.

Talk To A Skilled Mediator And Family Lawyer

Our law firm offers family mediation services for couples in Orange County, California.  We have have been helping families mediate legal matters in the area for over 25 years.

To learn more about whether a mediated divorce is the right option for you and your spouse, contact our firm.  Email or call 949-863-9590 to arrange a private consultation with mediator and family law attorney Alicia D. Taylor.


Divorce Mediation



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Family matters are personal. 
We honor your privacy.  Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your legal situation in confidence with Alicia.

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